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Inspiring Change

(The above photo is a screenshot of me while on a Zoom call. I was feeling pretty that day and it's the best photo I felt like putting on a website today. I really must get some professional photos taken, but that's for another day. P.S. I never wear pearls, but aren't they wonderful?)

They say it's darkest before the dawn, but it's not. Before the dawn is the blue hour. The blue hour is the magical time between the darkness of night and the golden light of dawn. The stillness and peace is so soothing. It's a time of enchantment and awakening; a time perfect for exploring your relationship with what keeps you stuck and the possibilities for your life.

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. I'm Alison, an experienced coaching professional. By providing my clients with the right tools and knowledge, I help clients heal into their potential, paving the way towards heart-centred, fulfilled living.

I work with women who want to leave their unhelpful patterns behind and start living their fullest, most rewarding, self-loving lives.  My clients are women who want to stop drinking, or who have already stopped, and are looking to move from just-not-drinking to loving their sober life.  My clients are also women who simply want to move forward into their most fulfilling lives whether or not addiction is a part of their story.  As Dawn Nickel, She Recovers co-founder always says "We are all in recovery from something".  My framework is incredibly flexible.

With lived experience of alcohol dependency, anxiety, codependency and workaholism, I've been there. I get it. I provide a trauma aware, non-judgemental space. 

I've created an amazing program for us to follow while we work together.  This means our time together always has purpose and direction.  At the same time, there is space and flexibility for us to explore and follow your lead when that is needed.

I have decades of experience as a trainer, coach and manager in corporate retail and have gained certifications in general counselling, ACT, counselling clients with addiction, and relaxation massage therapy (not super relevant to coaching or counselling, but gives you an idea of my general healing drive).  I'm still working on my life coaching certification. Who else thinks they're going to finish a course in record time, only to find life has other ideas? I'm also a designated She Recovers Recovery Coach.  To be clear, coaching is what I do, counselling has been wonderful further education that has broadened my skill set.

Let's chat and see if we are a good match to work together.

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This is what are my clients saying:

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Working with Alison has been life changing for me. It is the best gift I could have given myself. She is gracious, encouraging, acting as a "cheerleader" for me in my journey. Alison didn't make it about what she thought I needed, but really listened and heard my experience and where I am coming from.  The inner child meditation work was absolutely amazing. This was the missing link from all the therapy I have tried in the past. Now I feel that I have a really concrete way of addressing the hurt in my life and moving forward towards living my goals.


I'm very grateful for the support I've have from Alison. She is a wonderful, empathetic listener and has helped me tremendously since I've been working with her. Alison's lived experience and heart centred, trustworthy and practical approach has helped me find clarity and feel validated and supported in my personal growth. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I have worked with Alison for almost a year now and she is a fantastic coach, mentor and has helped me finally find my sober tribe and brought so much fullness into my life. Alison is warm and puts you at ease instantly, she uses practical processes and has great tools to help overcome obstacles and break barriers that have been holding me back in life. Meeting Alison and working with her has not only been transformative for me, with her guidance and support I have been able to achieve things in my life that I had wanted to bring to fruition for years. Thank you!

CM Adelaide

I found Alison’s kind, down to earth, and humble approach to coaching very refreshing. What you see is definitely what you get, including a great sense of humour and a whole lot of knowledge. My experience was one of a coach taking the time upfront to understand me, and where I was at. Alison was genuinely interested in my story and understanding how she could help me move forward to achieve my goals. I would describe Alison’s approach as strengths based and dignity driven. She walked beside me, and always let me be the expert in my own journey, whilst teaching me about the importance of self-love and so much more.  She never assumed she knew it all, or what I needed. I truly believe we are all the experts in own our life, and just need a safe space and some guidance to work it out. I also really loved the way Alison always asked for feedback after our sessions. She genuinely wanted to understand what my experience had been.


I am so pleased with how you’ve guided me to focus on transformation: The tactile activities, I think, are key: they transform the abstract into action.  What’s really special here is that these activities and actions are quite benevolent, and thoroughly enjoyable: they align with my desire to make things beautiful.

DE Glenelg

Alison has made such an impact in my life. She is easy to confide in and extremely relatable. She has taught me to understand how much my emotional baggage affects my physical being. Thanks to Alison’s warmth, patience and understanding (and quick wit!), I am now optimistic about my future.

PS Adelaide

Ali is fantastic at giving me direction and offering me tools to dig in. She is so warm and professional in all our interactions. I highly recommend.

RR Adelaide


Enjoying Sunset
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I work with women who are seeking support to examine their relationship with alcohol, and/or stop drinking, as well as women who desire to deepen their existing recovery.


Loving support and free weekly in person gatherings. She Recovers is a wonderful alternative AND addition to traditional recovery meetings.


Loving support and free weekly online gatherings

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Australian Counselling Association - ACA
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Adelaide, South Australia

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